"I set up QUOVIVE in 2012.


In the 17 previous years, I used to work in several firms: some years in an independent accounting company, some years in a big audit firm and some years in a multinational manufacturing firm.


Along my past professional life, I had the opportunity to develop several competencies that give me experience in many aspects of companies and managers life, whatever the business or the size are concerned. 


As long as I have been developing my knowledge, I have always been looking after enhancing my expertise in accountancy together with additional skills and competencies in business law and tax law. Those allow me to provide a quite complete support in managing business.


Today, I work together with Elise, Fanny, Laurie and Manon who are as enthusiastic as I am to work collaboratively with our clients. "

Chartered accountant
Senior associate, CPA in progress

Originally from Normandy, I have been living in Lyon since 2013.

Over the last few years, I have been able to evolve in an international network of chartered accountants and then in a human-sized firm. These experiences have allowed me to be confronted with different facets of the profession as well as with various environments and business dynamics. I have had the opportunity to meet and accompany managers of companies of various sizes and sectors of activity. The problems we have encountered and solved have contributed to the development of my skills in accounting, taxation and management.

The choice to join QUOVIVE seemed obvious. I was won over by the firm's values from the very first contacts with the team: humanity, kindness, respect, sincerity, and the idea of contributing to the economy in a sustainable way are values that I share and that seduced me.

Together with the rest of the team, I will be delighted to help you carry out your projects with rigor and good humor!

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Yes, I am an accountancy associate, but maybe not the one you think about! Every one knows that my profession has got a poor image: one can see us as hard working, boring and quite severe, persisting and unsociable, isolated in our office, hidden behind our books, living in our liabilities (of balance sheet). Yet, let's push away those received opinion and  let's say stop to the stereotypes! No, « Des Chiffres et des lettres » is not my favorite game show, neither "Uncle Scrooge" my idol, nor the calculator my fetish. Despite, there is one thing: you can "count" on me! Yes, what I like, is the human relationship which is at the heart of my business. We support various entrepreneurs and we address a lot of different questions. That is why we rely on understanding, listenning and communication to better manage our business, to advise you and to support you. Then, in Quovive this is a pleasure to welcome you with a smile, as beyond our availability, the "Quoviviality" is the strenght of our team!
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I joined Quovive at the beginning of 2019 as the firm's manager. After 4 years in a large accounting firm, it is with pleasure that I joined Quovive: the human size, the joie de vivre and the proximity to customers are the aspects that encouraged me to join the team. 

I like human contact and I enjoy helping others. Persevering by nature, I like to carry out new projects and I am always ready for new challenges!


To learn more about my background, please visit my Linkedin profile!

Office Manager

Originally from Annecy, I left Haute-Savoie to pursue my studies and live my first professional experiences in Grenoble and Montpellier before packing my bags for Lyon, my new home!


Very attracted by the human being, it was after a training in human sciences that I turned to accounting. Beyond the rigor required by our profession, it is above all a tasty mix of technicality and relational skills which, today, brings me the balance I need to blossom on a daily basis.


Curious by nature, passionate and attentive to the people around me, I am always 100% involved in the projects I undertake. I am therefore committed to supporting my clients as best as possible and to creating a true relationship of trust with them.


At Quovive, a warm, caring team with strong common values awaits you!


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