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Establishment of the Social and Economic Committee !

Employers with 11* employees or more, you must have implemented the CSE before December 31, 2019.

The Social and Economic Committee merges all the employee representative bodies: employee delegates, EC, CHSCT and takes over the role of each of these IORPs according to the size of the company.

The CSE consists of the employer and a staff delegation. In entities with less than 50 employees, it must meet at least once a month unless a collective agreement has decided otherwise (without the number of meetings being less than 6 per year).

Except in entities with fewer than 50 employees where the CSE has no legal personality and therefore cannot have a budget, the CSE has: - a budget for social and cultural activities set by company agreement; - an operating budget of 0.20% of the total payroll.

* 7 employees in the CCN du sport (amendment n° 141 of 21 May 2019 relating to employee representation, which lowers the threshold from 11 to 7 employees)

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