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What to do in the event of an accident at work for one of your employees?

If your saleswoman walks on an anti-theft device while driving the nail into her foot, if the hot water bottle that your computer graphics designer had stuck on her neck because of a stiff neck opens and scalds her back or if your assistant twists her knee on the stairs while going down to get the mail, then you must treat the accident as a work accident.

The administrative formalities are carried out in 3 steps: 1✔️ You must report the work accident within 48 working hours, whether or not you agree on the nature of the work accident. In the latter case, you may make reservations. It is the CPAM that will decide on the recognition of the character of "accident at work". 2✔️ If the accident results in a work stoppage, you must establish the wage certificate that will allow your employee to receive his IJSS. When you return to work, you will also need to make a new certificate to confirm the effective date of return to work. 3✔️ You must give your employee a work accident sheet that will allow him to benefit from the 100% paying third party in his care journey.

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