Scanning all supporting documents (invoices, expense reports, contracts, etc.) does not free us from keeping all the paper originals... on the contrary!



Article A102 B-2 of the tax procedures book provides that the transfer of invoices originally drawn up on paper to a computer medium must be carried out under conditions guaranteeing their identical reproduction. The result of the scanning is the copy that conforms to the original in image and content:


🚩 the colours are reproduced in the same way,
🚩les scanned documents are saved in PDF or PDF A/3 format,
🚩 the scanning is secured by means of a server stamp, a digital fingerprint, an electronic signature based on a compliant certificate.


In practice, unless the digital document is encrypted through an electronic stamp or electronic signature ensuring its integrity, it cannot be presented as a supporting document in the event of a tax audit or a URSSAF audit.


Only the original paper can justify the charge or recipe.


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