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What if you were to offer your company a work of art as part of the tax depreciation scheme in the s

In addition to being satisfied, it is an opportunity to beautify your premises for the enjoyment of all, to engage in further discussions with your visitors and to make a placement that may one day prove interesting...!

Provided you buy it from a living artist, directly or through the art market (gallery, auction, etc.), you can deduct the corresponding expense from your taxable income in equal instalments for 5 years, each instalment being capped at 5 ‰ from your turnover.

This device is valid under the following additional conditions: * To be a company imposed on the IS or IR in the BIC category (exclusion of the BNC liberal professions which cannot endow the compulsory special reserve); * Enter the work on the assets side of the balance sheet; * Exhibit the work in a place accessible to the public or to the company's employees for 5 years: building hall, waiting room... excluding your offices.

The work of art may also be entrusted to a museum or placed in storage with local institutions (region, department, municipality or their public institutions).

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